Thursday, 6 February 2014

Straight to the Blog! Tuning In

Exploring last year's Y8 blogs
Today we began our first Unit of Inquiry for 2014. It is a "How we express ourselves" unit and it is all about communicating effectively and safely online. We will be focusing a lot on blogging. Each of the classes in the Year 7 and 8 team has a class blog and we are in the process of evaluating the way our blogs and deciding whether they represent our classes.  So watch this space as 8C Happenings will start to look a little different as this year's 8C make some decisions about whether it represents us as a class.

Later on in the unit, we'll be exploring and making our own criteria for what we think makes a great blog. Today we started small and just focused on what makes a good blogpost. We visited 8B's blog as well as 8C Happenings and read lots of the posts. Then we chose one post from each blog which really engaged us and one that was not-so-engaging.

Interestingly, we thought some of the most engaging posts on 8C Happenings were about the end of the year events like the Year 8 Dance and the Mother-Daughter Breakfast. We think this is because these posts
  • are relevant to us
  • we learnt something about events we are interested in
  • don't have big passages of text
  • have a lot of well-taken photos

A post we were not so excited about was this one written way back in March when Ms Pears and Mrs C-M were brand new to blogging. We think this post isn't too appealing because it-
  • is written for adults and not young people- perhaps other teachers?
  • has too much text
  • has just one static image that isn't even a photo
Perhaps this post would have been more interesting from the point-of-view of the 9 year old? What do you think? 

We are going to take what we have learned and write some criteria for creating an engaging blog post. It will be helpful because we are each going to write a blogpost introducing ourselves to you over the next few weeks. 

So we need your help. What do you think makes an engaging blogpost? What types of blogposts do you stop and read and even better, what type of blogpost encourages you to stop and comment? We look forward to hearing your advice! 


  1. I love blogs they are so much fun to read and see what other people are doing in the world. I am excited to be doing this tuning in topic because It give us a chance to blog about what we are doing and what country your talking from. Also we can connect from all around the world and communicating helps to bring us together. Who has a blog of there own?

  2. I love the way the blogs are regularly updated so that other schools in New Zealand and all around the world can see what Selwyn House is doing during school. I think that it's great how we also have twitter on the side of the blog! As well as the globe of the world so we can see the media activity!


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