Sunday, 9 February 2014

The 40 Book Challenge is underway!

Last year, 8C completed the 40 Book Challenge and it was a huge success so this year, with a few tweaks, we are relaunching the challenge with 8B joining us. We are excited to get underway.

Today, we had the official challenge launch in the cybrary. We had already chatted with last year's 8C girls and they had given us lots of tips on how to be successful but we were still excited and nervous about achieving our reading goals.

Mrs C-M explained that 40 books is essentially one a week during term time with holidays to catch up. With this in mind, we set our book goals for the year.

Then we glued this into the front of our Reading Journals and the challenge was underway. Here are the guidelines for the challenge in case you want to join us in your own 40 Book Challenge.

What are your reading goals for 2014?


  1. Hi 8C
    I love the idea of the 40 book challenge. Last year my students had a go at this challenge and although a lot of them found it hard, they really enjoyed reading new books.

    My reading goal for this year is to read a lot of books out loud with my students at my new school in Singapore. Right now we are reading Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper. Have you read that book?

    Happy reading and good luck with your challenge.

    Year 5B Teacher
    Nexus International School Singapore

    1. Hi

      The 40 books challenge is a great idea to improve our reading skills. We can also have a red dot award 2013-2014 challenge in Nexus International school.
      Right now I'm reading The Night of the blue heads.

      How many books do you have?
      What book do you like to read?


    2. Hi
      The forty book challenge sounds really fun, We have something like that too but ours is called the Red Dot book awards. It is like the forty book challenge because we have a couple of books in a age group each and then once we read most of them, our school forms a team and we go agents different schools in singapore.

      How many books have you finished?
      What is your favourite book?


  2. Im really exited for the 40 book challenge because I love reading and I hope that I reach My goal and maybe a little bit more

  3. Hi
    I think that the idea of having a 40 book challenge is a great idea.I love it that you are going to try and do a really frustrating challenge, I hope you will complete it and have fun at the same time. I think that it would help you learn more words and help your vocabulary.

    Do you think that you will read 40 books or do you think you will read more than 40 books.

    Happy reading

  4. I'm getting really excited to get into the 40 book challenge this year and can't wait to challenge myself.
    I don't usually read that many books in a year so my goal (60 books) will be a big challenge but I am prepered to push myself to reach that goal.


  5. It's going to be a big challenge for me but I'm really excited for it. Hopefully I'll reach my and maybe a bit more. It will be really hard to find books to read. I Can't Wait.


  6. I am super excited about doing the 40 book challenge because it will give me some confidence in reading other genre's. My goal is to read 50 books, I choose 50 because it is a good stable number that I can successfully read all the good books that I find. 40 Book challenge is good for me because I don't really like to read and i cant find a good book that I enjoy. I hope everyone finds good books and has a good and fun time in the

  7. Hi, I'm Eva,

    I am sooo excited for the 40 book challenge this year, I have already got a list of books I can't wait to read.
    I be super happy if I read more than my goal but it will be be a big achievment anyway if I get to 50.
    I hope everbody is excited as well and are all looking forward to achieving thier goals! :D

  8. hi
    I think the 40 book challenge is really cool.
    I think reading is fun so I would like to do it my self at my school!
    I hope you achieve your goal.
    my goal for 2014 is to finish the amos lee series and start and finish the whoopie lee series.

  9. Yay! So pleased we get this opportunity! I really hope i accomplish my goal 150 books! This book challenge is really interesting and I'm looking forward to a whole year of it!

    Maddie P 8c

  10. Hello,

    I think your reading challenge is a really good idea because I love to read as well!
    When you read you can have fun but also learn at the same time.

    What types of books are you looking forward to reading this year?
    Good luck with the challenge!

    From Lexi
    Nexus International School Singapore

  11. Hi

    I think its a amazing idea to start a 40 book challenge! I hope you have a fun time doing the 40 book challenge. My goal of how many books to read this year is 60 books i am going to read 10 adventure books, 15 fantasy books 5 science books and 30 free reading books.

    What books are you going to read?

  12. Hi
    I think the 40 book challenge is a great Idea and I can see that also some of you want to read 100 books!
    I cant believe your taking on such a hard challenge, I wouldn't be able to read at least 6 books a day.

    My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, whats your favourite book?


  13. Hi
    I think that the 40 book challenge will be challenging and also fun I would never be able to read over 50 books a year good luck!

    My favorite book is Z.Raptor


  14. Hi I am Ruby.

    I am excited for the 40 book challenge as I usually only read around 8 books a year. This challenge will be able to prepare me for high school as I will be expected to read numerous books. I will gain skills for creative writing and be determined to complete books on time.


  15. hi 8c
    I think the 40 book challenge is a good idea because it will get people to read more books.Good luck.
    My favourite book is terry prattchett last hero whats yours?

  16. Gary
    I think the 40 book challenge is a awesome idea. I think in 40 Book challenge it will be a lot of fun.Good luck and Have fun!

  17. Hi
    I think the 40 book challenge is a great idea to read a huge amount of books.
    Reading is so fun! My goal is reading 40 ~ 50 books this year.

    How many books are going to read?
    This challenge will be a little challenging, but i hope your class complete the great book challenge.


  18. Hi 8C,

    I remember doing this last year and it was heaps of fun!!! It's good to see that majority of you have set your goals higher! What do you think you hardest genre will be?

    Charlotte :)

  19. Hey,
    I'm actually excited to read at least 40 books this year! Once I accomplish my goal, I will be really proud of myself!


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