Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Funky Town

Art-walk around Christchurch 

On Friday the seventh of March 8C and 7OM went on an art walk. This art walk took us walking around town looking at all the art that has been posted up around the city.

On the way we bumped into ‘Pops’ He is one of the artists that writes love, peace and joy then lets other artists fill the words.We also came across Liv, she is part of a group that goes around planting plants that are good for the ground conditions.

My favourite part was looking around the old red zone and how colorful it looks.I think all the creative art makes a big difference to town and and refocuses you from looking at it as broken.

Down below is a photopeach of some of the artworks we looked at.


  1. Hi, our names are Katherine and Kelly. We are Yr 8 students at Awahono School Grey Valley on the West Coast, South Island. Your little video of the Art Walk was very impressive, and it looked like you really enjoyed it. What was the experience like for you guys, as in seeing all of the wonderful art? We hope your city is all repaired (or soon finished being repaired), and the art is still there, making Chch stand out and be full of life again. We really hope you can make more of these wonderful slideshows/videos for us to see. We hope you can reply to our question real soon!!! :)
    From Kelly and Katherine

  2. Hi,

    im hannah-rose and we all loved the experience i personally didn't know we had so much art.
    I hope we will still have all this wonderful art in chc after the rebuild.

    Hey do you people have a blog ?
    and what's your favorite part of your school?

    Hannah-rose :-)


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