Sunday, 16 March 2014

Canterbury Quake Book Review

Canterbury Quake - By Desna Wallace

"I think I am in shock and I'm almost too scared to write in my diary because then it would mean what happened today was true and I don't want it to be true."

4:35am and it happens. EARTHQUAKE! A beautiful historical fiction story about the effects of the Canterbury Quakes. Vivid visual imagery and realistic situations that I remember being in are used throughout this book and make it amazing. Maddie, is a 10 year old girl in her last year in her primary school when disaster strikes. A devastating earthquake strikes terror through the heart of Maddie and her family. Laura, Maddie's Friend’s, house is so damaged that she has to move to Timaru so Maddie is left to co-operate with Zoe, the bully. This great book uses amazing adjectives and describes the earthquakes so vividly it was as if I was actually back there.

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  1. What a neat review. Thank you so much and I am so glad you enjoyed my book.

  2. Good review Hana! :D I really want to read this book. Do you think that this book describes the events accurately?


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