Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Meet Hinari !!


  1. Hinachan!
    How's everything! Sounds good, doesn't it?
    I know you miss Sushi so much.
    Today there was a graduation ceremony at my JHS here in Matsudo.
    We all teachers will miss all students.
    Have fun and be good to your friends there!
    Ryoko Hashiguchi

  2. Hi, Ryoko Hashiguchi
    I am good, how are you?
    I miss salmon sushi!
    Thank you for your comment!
    Hinari :)

  3. Hi Hinari
    I also love music and I play the clarinet. Do you play and instrument if not what kind of music do you like?
    As well as music I like sushi even though we hardly ever get it.
    From Zoe
    At Balmacewen School

  4. Hi Zoe,
    I play piano!
    Yes that is cool, we have so much in common!
    Hinari :)

  5. Cool Hinari!
    Maybe your guardian could take you out for sushi one time!
    Aria, 7G :)


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