Friday, 21 March 2014

The 'NAO' Robots

At our school we run a Robotics Club, during these sessions we program and build robots to expand our knowledge on robots. For the past two weeks we have had some representatives from Science Alive come in to share their knowledge about the ‘NAO’ robots.

During the times Science Alive representatives came to talk to us we learnt how to do some basic programing of the ‘NAO’ robots and we also learnt how we could interact with them.
Some of the interactions with the robots were walking, playing charades, conversations with humans, Yoga Demonstrations and much more! We were very excited when we got to walk with the robot by lifting its hand upwards as well as tell the news.

photo #1.JPG

We started attempting to programme the robots. Some of us wanted to work on making the robot move, and others on making the robot talk. We split up into groups. The ‘moving’ group were trying to make the robot do Gangham Style by clicking on the appropriate limb in the programme and then moving the limb of the robot to the position they wanted it, locking it onto the computer, and saving it into the programme. They repeated this to complete the first Gangnam Style move.


We thought the ‘NAO’ robots were awesome and can’t wait to see them again later in the year.


  1. 8C
    I have had class release today and I didn't see this post but we also have just started robotics today by having a meeting about who was interested - I have to admit after watching this video I didin't realise how far behind that we were ! I will share this with our robotics team on Monday. It will be interested to see what they make of it.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

    1. Hi my names Jordy and I am 11 years old. I go to Awahono school Grey Velly. I like the robots and I think it would be very fun to make them. I like how the robots can walk with you and can do yoga demonstrations. I think they are very cool :)

    2. Hi Mr Webb
      Thanks for your comment! It's greaat to hear that you are starting robotics in your school. We use NXT robots and some of us use EV3 robots. What model robots do you use?

      From Hana and Georgia

    3. Hi Jordy!
      Thank you for your comment. We also think it would be great to make 'NAO' robots.
      It amazing how the robots could walk with us!
      Do you do robotics at your school?

      From Hana and Georgia

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  3. Hi my name is George and I'm a year 8 student at Awahono school. My class is in the quad blogging group with your class. I loved the robots and the yoga was pretty cool and the Animoto video was awesome. But I would have liked to see a photo of the robot doing gangnam style.
    If you have any time here's my blog url please comment if you can!

  4. Hi my name is Hana Clough and I go to Awahono School in the Grey Valley no the West Cost
    I really like how you can program the robots to do different things like yoga and gangnam style and also how you have a club to learn about robots as well as the cool names that you gave them.
    You guys put in an amazing effort towards this and I hope that you can post more about this topic on our blogg.

  5. Hi my name is Jordan and I go to Awahono school. I really liked the Animoto that you made of the Nau robots. I bet they would be great fun to make. The Yoga looked really cool and also the robots look great themselves. Hope you take a look at our blog. Just go to Hope we hear from your class soon.

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  7. Hi my name is Reuben and I go to Awahono School Grey Valley. I am 12 years old. Cool that you use and play with robots I would like to programme a robot to do things for me. Also see them doing gangnam style would be funny. By the way what does N.A.O means.

  8. Hey there, our names are Kelly and Katherine. Your Animoto video on the robots was very awesome. Your Robots are much more complicated and advanced than what everyone used to have years ago. They sure looked like fun and we are sooooo jealous (could you send us one?). When will you be posting another video? We hope you can keep giving Room 6 updates when you get them again. We sure would like to see the Gangnam Style in action! :) Hopefully there will be more of these intriguing slideshows about the interesting gadgets you get to play with, and we hope you can reply to our question. These are our blog links so you can comment on our posts.
    From Kelly and Katherine

  9. Hi, my name is Alice I go to Auroa School in Taranaki New Zealand. I think that looks really really fun, our school also does Robotics and this year I will be takin place in that so that will be awesome!!! When you do Robotics you get to go to places, such as Christchurch and I have never been there so that will be cool! Hope you have fun doing Robotics!!

  10. Leila
    Hello there my name is Leila i am12 years old i go to Auroa school north isand of New zealand Taranaki, the Video that you made of the robots was very cool, i plan of doing robotics this year.

  11. Brylee,Auroa school,Room 1,Taranaki
    Hi im Brylee from room 1 Auroa school, Your robots look really cool and really different than my schools robots I have never seen robots like that ever. When did your school start robotics and did you go to the nationals at Auckland because my school went there and came third

  12. Hi my name is Tahana I am from Mr Webbs class Auroa New Zealand your robots are really really cool they look much different to the ones at my school are they able to walk and run around every where? Now I have a few questions for you at the moment in my class for math we are doing a construction of another class for all around the world in mine craft we were not allowed to know what the class looked like so I chose your class. Now I need some information on what it has in it and what it looks like so do you have the following
    Computers and where are they
    Desks how many and where are they
    Smart boards white boards
    Doors how many and where are they located
    Lights heat pumps
    Art area sink where how big
    Shape of your class room
    Length and width of your class room
    Shelves built into the walls or out of walls
    Please give all the details colours height of everything and width.
    Tahana Auroa school Taranaki New Zealand

  13. Hi I'm Fletcher from mr webbs class Taranaki New Zealand and your robots look really cool a lot different to the ones at our school


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