Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Creating Our Own Graphic Novels

We have been writing using character boxes to help us with our writing. We tried to use figuative language and good descriptive words. These are the character boxes created by Eilish. Notice the quirky traits that Eilish has put into her character boxes.

Once we had completed these, Mrs C-M told us that we would be using a programme called 'Pixton' to turn the stories that we created with these three characters, into a graphic novel. Everyone was so excited and it really made us think about how we were writing our story to try and make it so that it would translate well to a graphic novel. This is an excerpt from Georgia's writing. This is one of the pieces of writing that really translates well to graphic novels.

The bell rings loudly through the lousily school speakers, as Holly’s perfect, tall physique slips silently out of the worn chair. Her short brown hair bobbing up and down as she walks along the corridor. She had planned to meet Elsie at the school council meeting but it seemed her plans would be delayed.

“Where you going ‘bean sprout’?” Bob snorts.

“I-I-I um uh” Holly mumbles.

“I said, WHERE YOU GOING ‘BEANSPROUT!” Bob shouts, threatening Holly.

“Well, I um. I was...uh.” Holly whispers nervously.
Bob shoves Holly against the nearest locker, a grim look on his face.
“This is what happens when youngsters like you don’t answer me.” Bob snared nastily as he threatened to punch Holly’s face.

We really enjoyed the writing, but now, we can use Pixton to create the real graphic novel. We are using Pixton for Schools but there is also Pixton for Business and Pixton for Fun. 
We created characters and then put them into our comic. We used the pixton backgrounds and props to assist our graphic novels. And the finished product looked like this;

We had so much fun using Pixton and we hope to use it again some time in the year.

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    Loving Pixton - I think I will introduce it to my class this term. What are your three top tips for using it to its best advantage...and what should we avoid?

    Mr P


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