Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Living at school

 Selwyn House Boarding House.

In the boarding house there are 18 students.
During the week Mrs,Parker takes care of us and the weekend we have Mrs, Hills.
These ladies are very kind.

The boarding house has 8 bedrooms with 4 or 5 beds in each room.

Tuesday and Friday are Tuck days.
I don’t like sweets so I don’t buy tuck.

There is a common room where all the girls can meet.
It is very lively.
We can chatter, play games and make crafts.

The cook is Martin and he makes dinner and dessert.
It is very delicious. My favorite is chicken curry with rice.

At the weekend there is an activity. For example, last week we went to the gondolas and bowling.
I always enjoy going out to experience new things.
On Sunday we always have French toast and it is delicious, it is my favourite.


  1. Hi 8C,
    This is so cool. I really miss the hostel and also the school of Selwyn house. I am only over the back fence so i will come visit one time!! How is everyones personal projects going?
    Abby H 9WNA CGHS

  2. i loved boarding at Selwyn


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