Tuesday, 8 April 2014


On the 1st of April 8c went to the technology room and we started to make our MakerSpace projects. Our MakerSpace projects this term are linked to our ‘Straight to the blog’ inquiry. Researching the digital age we discovered that people are more commonly storing memories on digital devices. Our challenge is to create a physical ‘keepsake’ to cherish our digital memories.

You can make whatever you want using Photos or Emails or Cards or a nice text (e.g. from your Mum). A lot of people in our class are going to be using different skill and equipment during MakerSpace. People are using sewing machines, scroll saw, sanding, painting, laminating and gluing in different photos and memories about their own life. Everyones keepsakes are different and unique and special. The keepsakes show our memories that we cherish. Some people in our class are making Scrapbooks, Pinboards, Jars that have note in them, posters, photo frames and more. We are all learning lots of different skills.

We look forward to sharing our final keepsakes with our family and friends.

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