Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lacrosse for my Personal Project!

This term has been the “doing” part of my personal project. My original idea was to get the sport Lacrosse into the PE curriculum. This was changed due to availability and in the end, after a LOT of planning and changed ideas, I was finally able to get my project up and running! I arranged for someone from the Canterbury Lacrosse Association to come in every Wednesday after school for 5 weeks to coach and teach lacrosse. I handed out notices to the year 7 and 8 girls and got them back in a couple of days later. I got about 15 keen players and 2 parents to help out!
I had my first session last Wednesday and it was so much fun! I felt really pleased that all my hard work was starting to pay off. Everyone is really pumped and thrilled for the next session and I can’t wait!

Maddie P

Here are some photos of the lacrosse below! Comment if you would like to learn lacrosse or if you think its a cool sport!


  1. The first Lacrosse session WAS so much fun. It was awesome to be learning a new team sport. It was freezing cold but everyone was wearing a smile and enjoying themselves. I think your project is great and I'm really looking forward to the next training session! x mum

  2. Very cool! Just a couple of students, and you managed to get an entire lacrosse program started at your school? That's great! I know lacrosse is Canadian, but we really don't do any of that here.


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