Friday, 30 May 2014

Selwyn House Cross Country

Adrenalin pumping, sweat dripping, cross country- our worst nightmare come true!!!!

Last week, the Tuesday 20th May, was our cross country day at Fendalton Park. It was very busy between all the races and everyone warming up! Not everybody raced competitively but everyone tried their hardest and gave it their all. And for those who raced competitively, they did amazingly well!

In Year 8, 1st place was Lydia, in 2nd was Makenzie, 3rd place was Annalida and 4th was Maddie!! It was a really hard race of 3.3km and everyone did fantastically!

The Top 6 went to Cross Country Zones! This was held Tuesday , 27th of May. They raced against all the independent schools in Christchurch; it was big competition! The Top 6 from zones will go to Canterburys!

Everyone had lots of fun even if they were exhausted afterwards!


  1. Hi my name is Harri. I like the questions on the video. How did you put them there?

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  3. Hi dudettes, my name is Kelly, and I am a Yr8 at Awahono School. I like your video, what did you use to make it? We were going to have X Country Qualifier last week, but it was cancelled because of bad weather. We had a 5 lap run around the school for the Yr7 + 8’s, and 4 lap run for Yr5 + 6’s to select the children representing us at West Coast X Country. Unfortunately, I got picked to go and I am the only Yr8 girl going, so I have to do my best. We have to run 3k at the Kumara RaceCourse Wednesday 4th June, how far did you have to run?
    - Kelly

  4. Hi Eva and Maddie
    I loved your cross counrty photo peach!
    I loved how you had questions tat were timed!
    How long did it take you to create?


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