Friday, 23 May 2014

Students teaching students

Today, during maths, all the Year 7 and 8s got together for a session on graphing discrete data. We chose our favourite event from the Olympics and made a tally chart.

We got together in teams and we worked together to create a bar graph using either Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

The session was student-led and the teachers didn't do much- just the instructions and some very basic guidelines. some girls volunteered to be the expert of each group and encourage and instruct the rest of the team in how to use Google Spreadsheets and Excel.

I was one of the volunteers. I actually really like be in charge. I love having my own group and helping them to see what to do. The challenges are to get everyone to listen and stay on task. The best part is that since it is your friends, it is easier to communicate with them.

Charlotte said, "Having one of your friends as a teacher gives me more confidence because I feel better about asking silly questions. I would love to have more kid-on-kid sessions because I learnt a lot."


  1. Yeah. I was a volunteer and I loved helping them and I learnt a lot myself, We should do this more often

  2. I loved working with Kathleen on creating a spreadsheet! It was really fun- we worked together and eventually (after the internet finally loaded!) got one finished! :)


  3. I loved making the tally charts, they were so fun!

  4. It was really fun having kids teaching us, and, when the year 8's in our group left for art, Hattie and I finally figured out how to get the graph onto our shared google spreadsheet! It was really fun, as Hattie said, although the internet did decide it didn't like us that day....



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