Tuesday, 6 May 2014

We've had our earthquake repairs done!

Our classroom is looking beautiful with new blue carpet and fresh white paint. It wasn't finished until very late last night so we arrived this morning to our classroom looking like this!

 We also discovered that some of our furniture including our coaches and coffee tables had been damaged and we couldn't use them anymore which was disappointing. But Mrs C-M and Miss Fairhall told us that the design of the classroom was completely up to us. Well, there were a couple of non-negotiables (like no rows as Mrs C-M is allergic to desks in rows!) but mostly it was all up to us to decide how we could create a space where we learn best and feel we belong.

We started by going on a gallery walk of photos Mrs C-M had gathered and put on display in the hall.
A gallery walk of classrooms around the world. 

We wrote graffiti around the images saying which classrooms we liked and why.

Then we came back to 8C, and worked in small groups to plan the sort of layout which we felt would work best for us. We shared our ideas, experimenting with layouts. 

We played with arrangements of the desks until we found one that we felt worked.

After some playing around, here is how our classroom currently looks. 

How our classroom currently looks.

Here is what we have learned:

1. You don't need fancy furniture to have a flexible space.
2. We would love to get rid of our desks with trays underneath so we can have more choice in where we sit. 
3. We like an uncluttered and clean space. 

This is definitely a work in progress. Our next steps are

1. Find some tote trays so we can store our things elsewhere letting us choose where to sit each day.
2. Get rid of some desks.
3. Get another collaborative table.
4. Replace our comfy but old, damaged couches with some new comfortable options.
5. Replace our old, damaged coffee table with another low workspace.

So watch this space! And we'll keep you posted on our progress.

In the meantime, what do you like best about your classroom? Have you got any tips for us?

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