Wednesday, 18 June 2014

12 Top Tips for Awesome Claymation Clips

Our Makerspace focus for this term has been stop-animation films and we've been making Claymation clips to illustrate maths concepts. We'll have some great clips to share with you by Friday. In the meantime, here are some Claymation Tips.

1. Make sure that you do very small movements for each photo, otherwise it jumps and your movie won't be smooth. - Grace
2. Do between 8-15 frames a second to keep your movie smooth. -Ruby
3. Think of creative ways for the shapes to change, for example flicking them off with your hand or making them spin around until they grow. -Ruby
4. Make sure all numbers and letters are the right way around because if you use Photo Booth, it flips the image so your movie will be backwards.- Grace
 5. You can use any clay, plasticine or play-doh but make sure that the clay you use doesn't shine when the camera flashes. - Grace
6. If you need to work on the movie over a few days, it helps to put markers down for your camera/ laptop/ ipad so that you put it back in the exact same spot the next day. We used sellotape and vivid markers and that worked well. - Grace

Notice the sellotape and vivid marker marks? 

7. Put a container over your clay characters and tape it down so that they are ready for you the next day and don't get smooshed in the plastic bag. -Hannah-Rose

Tape the containers down so that nobody is tempted to fiddle with your shapes and smoosh them. 

8. Sometimes you can resuse a photo you have already used, so try to recycle.- Emelia
9. If you have characters that are giving the message, make sure their mouths are moving. - Annalida
10. Do your claymation first and your voice-over second to make sure you get the timing of your message right. - Grace and Hannah-Rose
11. Make sure the lighting is the same each time you are working on your clip.- Ruby
12. Choose some fun and playful music. - Grace

Have you used Claymation before? What did you do with it? Do you have any tips for us?

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  1. Great tips Hannah-Rose and Grace!!

    Really helps :)
    From Anna


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