Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hannah-Rose and the Tall Ferns!

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On August 13, Hannah-Rose went to Cowles Stadium to play basketball with the top New Zealand basketball team, the Tall Ferns
Can you spot Hannah-Rose? 

When we walked in the door you could join in with a warm-up team and we warmed up by doing layups and 3 pointer shots. After the warm-up, we lined up on the base line and played a listening game where the coach said up or down and we moved forward or back. After warming up, we did little workshops. My favourite workshop was the second one where you had a basketball and you dribbled and then tried to hit friends’ balls out of the circle. After all the little workshops, we got split up into mini teams and played the Tall Ferns in a game- that was sooooo cool.

I am also going to Timaru to play against all the other Canterbury teams.

Hannah-Rose and Samara Gallaher


  1. Dayna Rm1 Auroa School Taranaki Nz
    Hi, that looks like so much fun I wish I went!!!! Hope you had a great time. Make sure to check out my blog at . I love your blog 8c.

  2. Hannah Rose
    We have some mad keen Girls who play Basketball at our School, including one player who is lucky enough (and good enough) to be in the Under 15 Reps... it was wonderful to read about your fantastic experience with the Tall Ferns and you will have to write about your experiences with the Rep Competition (Under 13s). We have a team travelling to the NZAIMS tournament in two weeks for Girls Basketball so we are very focussed at the moment. A great topic to write about and you can see from Dayna's comment above we loved reading about it today in class.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

  3. Wow-what a terrific experience Hannah Rose-one day it will be you signing those T-Shirts.
    Keep playing to a high standard. focus on the entire event and most of all, take the time to enjoy your Game.

    Lynda G


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