Monday, 13 October 2014

Kia ora to our Global Read Aloud Buddy Class!

Hi there!

We're excited to be connecting with you as we read "One for the Murphys" together. We are currently putting together a movie for you to watch to learn a little bit about us but while you wait you might like to watch this clip which Hana (who is in 8C) created for her passion project. This is a huge project we do in Year 8 about something we are passionate about and it'll give you a wee look at Selwyn House School.

We hope you enjoy it! The music is by Jamie McDell, a New Zealand singer that we like a lot. What sort of music do you like? What is your favourite song at the moment? Just for fun, could each of you write the title of your favourite song in the comments below so we can compare. Remember to tell us your first name and the song title and artist if you know it. Thanks!


  1. Hey there Delilah - Plain white t's


  2. Tilly - I have heaps of favourite songs at the moment, but a few of my favourites would be...
    Kings & Queens - Brooke Fraser
    Thinking out Loud - Ed Sheeran
    Changing - Sigma ft Paloma Faith

  3. Anna 8C: My Favorited song at the moment is You raise me up

  4. Zoe 8C,
    I'm not the only one by Sam Smith & Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran

  5. Makenzie -
    My favourite song at the moment is thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran.

  6. Hi I'm Ruby from 8C,
    I like lot of songs but at the moment I like Hopeful by Bars and Melody, I also like Count On Me by Bruno Mars.

    1. I like count on me By Bruno Mars also!

  7. Hi I'm Connie from 8C.
    I like lots of songs but one I am into at the moment is Dear Future Husband by Meghan Tainor, Sing by Ed Sheeran.

  8. RJ -
    Maybe You're Right - Miley Cyrus
    #GETITRIGHT - Miley Cyrus

  9. Charlotte from 8c
    My favourite song at the moment is
    Timber - Kesha

    1. I love that song too!


  10. Hi there!
    We have made a list of our favourite songs at the moment. Here they are:
    Shake it off - Taylor swift $
    Bang bang - Jessie J, ariana grande, nicki manaj $
    Hillbilly deluxe - brooks and Dunn
    Fantasy -iffy izalea
    Rumour Has it - Adele
    Don't tell them - drake
    Chandelier - sia $$
    Life of the party - Shawn mendeze- the dying swan - swan lake
    All about the bass - Megan trainer
    Break free - Ariana grande
    For your entertainment - Adam lambert
    Demons - imagine dragons
    Stereo hearts - gym class heros
    Heave away - the fables
    I'm ready - AJR

  11. Hi there 8c I love your video I wish our school was like yours:) what`s your favorite colour.


  12. Wow your school and class seems amazing. I cant wait to tell you guys about our school and class. Also is your cybrary a place with tecnolagy and books so like a library and tec place? From Lita in 6P

  13. Oh wow New Zealanders I loved your video especially your pool I love to swim. I am part of the oshawa aquatics club at the d.c.c [DonavanRrecreation Center ] I just got a trophy that I took my time off my races.Well do you girls live at school or go home every day because we go home everyday. Meegan

    1. Hey Meegan! Thats awesome we swim in term 1 and 4 so we will be swimming this term! The majority of us go home everyday but there are a few girls that stay at school!
      - Tilly

  14. hi,Your class and school are amazing! I cant wait to see what you think of our school. I also saw in your video that you have a chef that cooks for your school. What kind of food does he/she cook for you? sincerely,

  15. Well my favourite song is Bang Bang-Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Niki Manaj
    ~xoxo Zoe

  16. Hi that was so cool i can't belive you have a swimming pool I wish we had a pol that would have bin awesome by the was were did you get that giant teddy bear it was HUGE!!! was it fluffy and who was holding it who ever it I wish I was them bye olivia


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