Monday, 23 February 2015

Introducing Margot


Here are five fun facts about The Marvellous Margot!
     *I love To dance!!!
     *I love Fashion!!!
     *I am very crafty!!!
     *I love to play netball!!!
     *I love animals!!!
* I am a boarder so I live in a hostel at Selwyn House School. I go home most weekends.
Here is a photo of my puppies!


  1. Hi 8CF
    Your Horses look like they are very fast in running.
    Your dogs look very cute I wish i had one of them.
    Thanks for commenting on our blog.

  2. Hi 8cf
    I like your dogs they are very cute.
    Thank you for commenting on our blog because in our class if we get a surtan amount of comments on our blog and 1500 page veiws we can have a pizza party.
    Your comments were very interesting and we loved reading them



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