Friday, 13 March 2015

Tuning In for our Unit of Inquiry on Gender Inequality

Tuning In
Tuning In is at the beginning of our Units of inquiry where we have to try and find out what our inquiry will be for the term!
On Thursday the 5th of March, we did lots of activities. Most of them were about gender inequity!
photo 4-1.JPG
We're brassed off! 
We had to do an activity where we had to get into groups and write down in our inquiry books who got what coloured smarties from a small box of smarties. The rules were tough! If we didn’t write down a colour and we got that colour in our box all of the smarties that colour went to the teachers!  Also if we wrote down a colour and didn’t get it in the box we had to give ALL of our smarties to the teachers! In the picture shown, Mr Pearce had just asked, “Who is brassed off right now?” Most of the groups put their hands up! We had to do five minutes of rocket writing about how we felt! It was so unfair! But once some of us had shared what we wrote everyone got to share some smarties!

photo 5-1.JPG

In the next activity, there were quotes put up all over the cybrary with a true and false page underneath! We had to sign our names under which quotes we thought we true or false! Once we had finished signing our names on the sheets, the teachers asked us to stand by the quotes we thought were most true and most false and then they announced to us, “They are all true!”

photo 1.JPG

Then we had to go to the quote we thought was the most unbelievable, from that we had to work in a small group who were at the same quote as you and find out some facts and information about that quote.

We were all sitting in the Presentation area when we were asked what we noticed most about the activities! “Inequality!” “Women are always less paid and have less opportunities.” Then we were told that our Unit Of Inquiry is called “Shine A Light On It!” About shining a light on inequality issues involving women and girls and making people aware of it.

What is your inquiry at school right now? What are you learning about? Write about it in the comments below.

Here's an Animoto with more photos of our Tuning In.

By: Aria and Amelia

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