Friday, 29 May 2015

Our Pecha Kucha Night

Last week Selwyn House held an Open Day. This happens once a term every term. This time on the evening of the Open Day, we had a ‘Pecha Kucha Night’. We did one of these evenings last year but the teachers talked in it; instead this year our Year 8 girls got the privilege to speak about the amazing opportunities that Selwyn House School offers.
A ‘Pecha Kucha’ is when you have 20 slides on a presentation and they auto-advance so you have 15 seconds to speak per slide. It is a new way of presenting speeches in the 21st century.
Every Year 8 girl was in a small group and these groups created the presentations; we were given the choice to speak as it was a huge job. Some girls choose to speak and others created slide shows or wrote the script. We all made a big contribution.

“It was challenging because I was worried I might speak too quickly and get out of time with our slides,” said Zelle.

“I was nervous because there were so many people staring at us and we’d worked so hard, I didn’t want to muck up,” Rosa said.

“It was such an honour to be asked to write the speeches and talk about our school like that,” said Amelia.  

“I wanted to speak but I was nervous because I didn’t want to forget my lines or mess up my timing,” said Emily.

The evening was a blast and all of the Year 8 girls spoke with great enthusiasm and the choir sang like angels! Here’s an email Miss McKenzie sent us.

The Senior Chamber Choir Sings

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