Friday, 29 May 2015

Our Year 7/8 Production: Peter Pan

Recently, the whole of Year 7 and 8 auditioned for our school production: Peter Pan Jr! Everyone had acted, danced, sang so well! 

After auditions, there were a couple of callbacks on Monday and Tuesday as well so Mrs Bierwirth and Ms Harwood-Matthews were sure of the parts that they were going to be giving us.

A couple of days after, on Thursday, the parts of the production were announced!

8CF have many amazing actresses in our class, such as: Eliza getting the part of ‘Captain Hook’, Aria playing the part of ‘Michael’, Ella getting the part of the ‘Fairy, Iridessa’, Zelle playing the part of ‘Chief Tiger-Bamboo’ and to have other Dancing Fairies/Dancing Mermaids, Mermaids, Fairies, Indians, Lost Boys and Pirates in their class.

All the Year 7 and 8’s are so excited to get underway with the production and learning the songs. This was a great opportunity for everyone to have and that everyone gets a part. Every part is equal and it can help our confidence ,with being onstage, blossom.

Maybe you might be there on opening night?

By Amelia and Ella.

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