Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Annabelle's Passion Project- Over, Under or Through

My goal for my Personal Project is to to design, build and sell a cross country jump. I chose this because I am passionate about horses and have been riding since I was four. Whenever we go around to horse riding competitions and walk around the jumping course I’ll always look at a jump and go that's a good idea we should have that at pony club or at home. With the opportunity Personal Project has given me I can analyze more into the designs of horse jumps and learn building skills and it will also help my maths.

My next steps would be that I need to make a list of all materials needed and how much I will need to create the jump. See how much money it will cost to make the jump taking into consideration the cost of the materials and my labor and any other costs I will then be able to work out my RRP (Recommended Retail Price).
I will then decide how I will advertise my product.
After learning the basic safety requirement of operating any tool that I may be required to use and ensuring that I have my PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) I will then start building my jump and sell it.


  1. Hi Annabelle,

    That is such an awesome thing to do. I know you are passionate about Horses! I wanted to ask you how are you going to sell your jump? Good luck for the rest of your project!


  2. Hello Annabelle,

    I really love this idea, it's very original! What are some challenges you have faced so far?

    Ella :)


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