Friday, 12 June 2015

We're running a Science Club

The Science Leaders have been very busy over the weeks in term 2 pulling off the Science Club! Girls have a choice to come and participate in science experiments run by the science leaders during their lunchtimes.

We found a shocking statistic that girls aren’t well-represented in science. Our goal as leaders is to engage as many people as possible(including the younger girls) in science.

So far we have held over 5 lunchtime sessions. 

The experiences have included
  • Lava lamps- learning about chemical reactions
  • M&M colour extracting
  • Expanding foam
  • Gloop making
  • Crystal making

All the girls really enjoy science club. The Science Leaders run everything from planning to getting the materials. Girls do Science in their classes too but Science Club is all about having fun with science!

What do you do in terms of science?

Maya and Violette

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