Thursday, 27 August 2015

Science Club Teaser

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On Thursday and Friday of Week 5 the Science leaders {Annabelle, Aria, Enya and Hattie} ran the new science club teaser! We are carrying on the previous science leaders traditional science club but thought we would do a teaser so we could introduce ourselves as the new science leaders!

Thursday 20th
Yr 1-4
Edible Slime!

Friday 21st
Yr 5-8
Bouncy Balls!
warning do NOT eat

Edible Slime did not go exactly to plan, it more turned out like goop! BUT the bouncy balls worked well! If… You followed to instructions properly otherwise you will get a weird textured goo!

We were extremely well organised though! We have even planned the experiments for next term! Week 1, Term 4 we are doing a movie themed science club! Yr 1-4’s are making frozen erupting snow! And yr 5-8’s and making sugar stained glass!

Do you do science at your school?
Do you have a science club at your school?

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