Sunday, 6 September 2015

Robocup Junior!

Hi! We are two of the girls that entered Robocup JNR Regionals.

If you are not familiar with Robocup, Robocup is a competition where people build and program robots. There are 3 categories: Rescue, where the robot has to follow a line to save a metal can out of an ‘Acid Spill’, Theatre, where you can program the robot to a piece of music, and make it dance and go to a script, and finally, Soccer, where you program the robots to play soccer against other robots. Pretty cool, right?

Out of the 19 teams that entered in Junior Theatre, there were 9 that entered from Selwyn House! Ranging from dancing minions, to flying pirate ships, Selwyn House came out with one of the best results in CHCH!

1st in Junior Theatre
The Rainbow Llamacorns! ( Harriet Body, Harriet Compton-Moen and Ella Hodgson)
2nd in Junior Theatre
Cyborg Zoo! (Zelle Logan, Emma Cawood and Annabelle Reilly)

And the rest of our robocup team were really close! Our school used 2 terms to prepare for Robocup 2015 and the girls that got a placing from our school will participate in Robocup Nationals soon!  

Do you do robotics at your school? Do you have a club or do you do it in class time?

Ella H and Harriet B

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