Saturday, 31 October 2015

Paige's Passion Project - Conservation On The Peninsula

Conservation On The Peninsula

Goal and Purpose:
My goal was to learn the process of pest reduction and have a go at it myself to enable native birds to flourish on Banks Peninsula.

My Process:
There were many steps to my process such as:

*Research birds, pests and plants
*Get in touch with my mentor from QEII Trust (Alice Shanks) and discuss ideas
*Sett out tracking tunnels and wax tags
*Regularly check and re-bait the tracking tunnels and wax tags
*Buy some Good Nature Traps and setting them out
*Set some motion sensor cameras out to video the Good Nature traps
*Check the traps and get the memory cards out of the cameras and replace them with new ones
*Get everything ready for presentation


From this project I have gained many different skills that will help me in the future such as, delegating jobs when I can’t do them, learning and identifying native trees and bird calls and so many more! In the end I think this project was very successful and I am really proud of what I have achieved.


  1. Well Done Paige! I think we need more traps around out farm! Where did you get this idea? Where did you get all the supplies from? Did it turn out like you thought it might?

    Jemma M

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  3. Thanks Jemma! I got my supplies from DOC (Department Of Conservation) and also QEII Trust. It actually turned out better than I thought it would which was surprising!

    Thanks very much!
    Paige C

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  5. Paige you did really well on you're project. I can tell you are very passionate about trapping. Hope you had fun!!

  6. Thanks Annabelle!


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