Friday, 30 October 2015

Rosa's Passion Project - My interior Dream

  • Goal:To create a space where my family and I can go to relax, do homework or watch a movie. A place that feels comfortable like homes should.
  • Purpose: I want to create this space because since I moved out of my old house and into my new house I haven’t felt the feeling of being at home in a long time so I hope that by creating this room, it will bring back that feeling.I also wanted to grow my interior design knowledge.

The Process: The Passion Project process has had it’s ups and downs. It was really difficult in some stages for example, deciding on a reasonable budget with my parents. As Well as finding expert to help me along the way, someone with a good set of skill that I could learn off of. The best bit of the whole process was definitely when my expert Deb and I got to go out and buy everything I wanted and needed. I learnt alot from deb that day about buying the good quality things and a lot about colours and patterns.I would work on PP most school nights for at least an hour and spend lots of time working on it one the weekends.I had lots of fun but sometimes I got a little frustrated, especially when I had to clean up every single small bean bag bean ahhhhh. Over all the Passion Project  was one of the best things about this year. I loved spending a whole year doing what I love and this has made me even more passionate about Interior Design.

The Skills And Attitudes I Have Gained -

  • Commitment - I stayed committed to my project and didn’t abandon it like I used to do on other things.
  • Cooperating- I thought that PP was going to be all by myself but we actually got a lot of guidance from our teachers, mentors and experts. I then had to be open to others ideas and their help.
  • I also learned some new interior design skills that will be useful in the future. They also helped me to make my room better

Here is the link to my video -


  1. Hey Rosa,

    Cool passion project idea! I really love the bunting and the plant in the room, it gives it a good vibe! What are you going to use this room for? Do you aspire to be an interior designer when your older?

    Ella H

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  3. I LOVE THE ROOM YOU MADE ROSA!!! Can I have it?

    Paige :)

  4. Rosa you're project was really good and you're room is awesome hope you had fun.

  5. Thanks Ella. The room is going to be used for a hang out room for myself and my family. I defiantly want to be an interior designer when I am older. Infact i am taking a few design classes at highschool.
    Rosa :)

  6. Haha thanks Paige :)
    Rosa :)

  7. Thanks Annabelle and yes the room was very fun and exciting to create.
    -Rosa :)


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