Monday, 2 November 2015

Brigitte's Passion Project - Phenomenal Photography

~  Phenomenal Photography
Hello my name is Brigitte, and this is my post, explaining/showing what I did over the year for Passion Project. As you can probably see I did photography because I have always had an interest in it. Hope you enjoy!  (Make sure you watch my video that is attached down below.)

Goal: My goal was to explore the history of photography, learn the different techniques and Photoshop skills to change the perspective of my photos. When I finished taking photos, I design a photo book online and printed it. After I had printed my photo book and after Passion Project I will create a survey online to see who wanted to buy my photo book so that I could donate the money to the Cancer Society.

Purpose: My purpose was to learn a bit more on taking photos so that I could take a good picture and My purpose was also to learn some more about the history of photography because I thought that it would be quite interesting to know about.

The steps I took were:
  1. Do research on the history of photography and also which camera to get
  2. Buy the camera I did some research on and start taking photos
  3. Design a photo book online and get it printed
  4. After Passion Project, make a survey to see wants to buy my photo book

Skills: The skills I learned during Passion Project were Communication skills and Organisation skills. Having learned these skills it will certainly help/prepare me for the future. Passion Project have been an absolute blast and would definitely take another opportunity to do this again.

Here is a link to see some of my photos! :

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  1. I love all the pictures you took Brigitte. Especially the flower photos. I loved your display as well. Nice job :)
    Rosa :)


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