Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Day 3: Curling in Naseby

Curling at Naseby

On our Rail Trail camp we went curling on Wednesday afternoon in Naseby. Curling is an amazing sport played on ice!

When we arrived at Naseby the man took us up the stairs and we watched a video about how to play. Then he took us downstairs to have a practice. We had to put special shoes on so we didn’t slip on the ice.

We walked onto the ice and we were shown how to use the stones. The stones are like big, round stones that have a flat top and bottom with a handle on the top. They were very heavy so you couldn’t lift them up off the ice in case you dropped them. You slid the stones across the ice and you tried to get them to stop in the circles at the other end of the playing area so you can get a point.

The curling instructors taught us how to move the stones. You put one foot in hack which is a place to keep your foot steady. You use the foot on the same side as the hand you write with. Put your hand on the handle and slide the stone back and forwards a few times and let go of the handle.

There were also brushes that are called brooms.The brooms made the stones move into the circle. The brooms sweep the ice in front of the stone and the stone goes faster.

I was put in a team. Two people brush and the other people wait at the end for the stone to go down. Two people slid it down and the other team brushes it or leaves it if the stone is going too fast, and other two brush it to make it go further.

I hope you go curling soon because it is a great sport and I hope you have fun when you do curling like we did.

by Lucy

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