Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Downhill! - Rail Trail

At the start of Rail Trail, I think we all expected it to be a big climb uphill, all the time. And at the start it was. I think we were all ready for more hills, but when we heard that the next day of rail trail was mostly downhill, we got pretty excited! Our downhill journey started off in Wedderburn where we had finished the previous day. After taking a long bus ride from Alexandra to our destination, we took a few pictures and then we began our downhill adventure.

At first we had a bit of uphill, but we had to obviously go up to go down. We knew that if we got through the painful uphill, we would enjoy the downhill even more. And surely enough when we got to our first downhill part of the day we were riding as fast as we could. Soon after that we had a morning tea break where we had some yummy baking and a drink and were then again, on our way. The next part of our journey was mostly downhill but there were a few climbs that we had to face. I don’t think anybody liked that after the downhill. We then had lunch and it was nice to have a break and let our legs bodies relax for a bit before we got on the home straight for the end of rail trail. After we finished lunch we all hopped on our bikes and got into our separate groups and took off. Hoping that there was some downhill to come. And there was. Once we were all back out the camp I think we all couldn’t believe that we had finished and that we had just done the Rail trail. This was definitely the best day of them all!

By Rosa C & Ella H

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