Sunday, 1 November 2015

Extra! Extra! - Ella H

Goal: My goal is to plan, design and create a teen magazine that girls all around the world will enjoy.

Purpose: I wanted to choose this subject because I really enjoy writing reviews and articles for young girls, and I want to send all of my work into the world.

  • Learning how to make an eye-catching headline
  • Researching different types of programmes for my magazine
  • Holding competitions and sending out emails about my magazine to get the year 7 & 8’s excited about ‘Shimmer’
  • Contacted numerous people to get hold of magazine editors to find an ‘expert’

Skills that I have learned:
I have gained many skills when making my magazine. Some of them include planning, when planning out what the pages would look like, and dialectical thought, which means to put yourself in someone else's shoes, like a 5 year old child, and look at their point of view of my magazine. These are only some of the many skills I have learnt.

Personal project has been a great experience, and I would highly recommend that you should take up journalism at a young age if you want to become a journalist when you are older. Remember to manage your time, and have fun!

Here’s a short clip with pictures and videos!

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  1. Your magazine looks great Ella. It's really original and interesting. :)
    Rosa :)


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