Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Learn To Sign - Aria's Passion Project

Learn To Sign


My goal
was to learn sign language and the teach my fellow peers.
I wanted
a way to communicate with my grandad who is deaf and the deaf community. Also I wanted a way for people to realise how hard it is to communicate when you are deaf.IMG_3091.jpeg


I will know that I am successful if
  1. I can communicate in NZSL to the deaf, I want deaf people to be able to communicate with the hearing.
  2. I also want to make sure that the girls in which I will teach sign language to, realise that it requires commitment and patience to learn and get an understanding of the language.


Reflecting On My Work

I want to learn how to sign in New Zealand Sign Language and teach my peers how to sign. I aim have people realise about how hard it is for deaf people to communicate. I want a way to communicate with my grandad, who is profoundly deaf and furthermore, a way to communicate with the deaf. I want to donate money to the deaf ed unit at Freyberg High School so that they can find easier ways to learn.

My planning was not so organised! I had planned all my notices on my laptop but everything else for the lessons were in my planning book!

I feel that I successfully completed my goal and maybe even a bit further than what I aimed for! Throughout my project I always had to think back on the reason why I was doing this and the reason why this means so much to me, it helped me stay on topic and not give up on what I set out to achieve. Certificate2.jpg


  1. Hi Aria,

    I love the way you have connected your Passion Project to something that obviously means so much to you. It's a great idea to have an NZSL Video Dictionary and it;s great that you are drawing attention to something most of us ignore or forget.

  2. I loved doing sign language lessons they were really fun. How long did it take you to learn all of the things you taught us. Isabel


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