Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Goal:

To create fun and
informative horse riding lessons for Year
7 & 8 students

My Purpose:
To have other girls
experience riding and
be safe around
ponies & horses

  • Research horse care tips and teaching tips for my lessons
  • Send out a survey and information pack for Year 7 & 8 students
  • Give lessons
  • Make tutorial videos
  • Give pony rides to Year 6 students
  • Present my Passion Project

Passion Project was an amazing experience, where all Year 8 girls got to choose something they were passionate about. We had to learn new skills along the way, as well as completing our projects. I developed time management and cooperation skills very quickly. I had to be flexible with things such as the times I was giving my lessons, or where they were taking place. This made me very adaptable and will prepare me for other projects in the future.


  1. Hey Caro!

    Great post, I really enjoyed the video. I don't really know much about horse riding, but your passion project sounded really good. What challenges did you have to over come in the process? Are you going to continue with the lessons?


  2. Great project hope you did well


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