Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Food Tech At Selwyn House

This term we are doing food tech instead of performing arts. The two Year 8 classes rotate each week. In Week 1, 8PR does Food Tech, while we do SRL. In Week 2, we do Food Tech, while 8PR does SRL.
Here are some photos we took of 8PR making Apple Pie!

On the left, is Lydia and Meg mixing their bases. On the right, is our cooking teacher Mrs. Bierworth, showing us what to do.

We interviewed some students about what they liked about Food Tech.
Maddie S likes how good all the food tastes and how much fun it is to work with other people to make the yummy treats.
Orla and Niamh like how you can collaborate with others while you cook, to make the food taste even better, e.g getting over all of the challenges.

Do you do food tech at your school?

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