Monday, 22 August 2016

Isis' Book - Chapter 1

This book is a book I've been writing since last year. I was going to do it as my Passion Project but I decided not to. It doesn't have a title yet and it's not finished. Here's the first chapter.

Chapter 1

“Rosie! Rosie! Guess what? Guess what!” Mum burst through the door waving a piece of paper. “What?” I said. 
“We’re moving!” She replied.
“To a bigger house in Wardston. Number 19 Stoatsbry Lane. It’s great. It has two bedrooms, and a garden! Unlike this tiny apartment. Here, look at the pictures.” Mum shoved the piece of paper under my nose. I had to agree with mum. The house looked great. It had two large bedrooms looking out onto a big garden. Well, bigger than we had at that time. I was really looking forward to living there, but I still didn’t know where it was, or how close to school it was. “Mum.” I asked. “Where is this house?”
“I told you, Wardston. About an hour away in that direction.” Mum pointed vaguely out the window. ‘Oh great’ I thought. ‘The complete opposite direction from school.’ Mum was still nattering on about directions so I cut across her. “Mum, what about school?”
“Then you turn left at the roundabout…oh pardon sweetie? I didn’t catch that.”
“What about school?” I asked.
“Yeah mum, how will I get to school? We’re already 20 minutes away.”
“Oh Rosie! You didn’t think you would continue going to Bluebell Primary! You will be going to a school about 5 minutes walk down the road. I can’t remember what it was called. Wardston high, I think.” 
“Ok mum. I can’t wait!” I said, forcing a smile. My enthusiasm had reached its ultimate high then plummeted colossally to its ultimate low in only one minute.   
-- -- -- 
I was in my room when Dad came in. I could hear him asking if I had heard the news. Minutes later he came into my room. “Knock first please!” I told him. “Yeah, yeah. How’s my little girl? Excited about the new house?” Dad asked. ‘Great’ I thought. ‘now Dad’s asking too.’ “Yeah! I can’t wait till we move! It’s going to be so cool.” I said with another forced smile. Dad walked over to my bed and gently flicked my ear. “Dad! You know I hate that!”
“Ok, ok I’ll try to stop.” Dad replied. 
“Can you leave me alone now please. I’m trying to do my homework!” Truth was, I had finished my homework just before Dad came in. I was going to go email my friend Cleo. 
-- -- -- 
A couple of weeks later, we sold the apartment. It went to an elderly lady who befriended Mrs. Hobert downstairs. In another week we had packed up everything we owned in several large cardboard boxes. My belongings had only taken up 3/4 of one. 
      Then the day came. I had to say goodbye to Cleo and have last hugs, as the moving van with our stuff in it started up and Dad called out the window “Come on Rosie! We’re going!” I opened the door and hopped into the cab calling to Cleo until she was out of sight. 
      Mum was right. It took an hour. I stared out the window, watching my familiar home slowly turning into an unfamiliar world. After an hour we pulled into the drive of the new house. “Righty - oh.” Said the van driver. “This is it. 19 Stoatsbry Lane. Wardston. I’ll help you bring the boxes in.” We all got out and Mum unlocked the door. I ran inside to explore. Mum joined me as I returned into the hall. We hauled all the boxes inside and started to unpack. Mum went off to look around and decide what room was what while I pulled out all the books. 

       After we had unpacked everything, Mum showed me around the garden with Dad still inside examining every nook and cranny of the house. We came back inside and Dad came and said “Guys, there’s a door in the living room that I just can’t seem to budge. Come and see.” We all walked into the living room, which was looking much nicer with all the furniture and stuff in it. There was a small door in the far corner which I hadn’t noticed before. It had a rounded top and was about as tall as me. The ring handle and keyhole were silver and quite tarnished. Dad gave it a yank and nothing happened. The door didn’t even budge when Dad pushed it hard. Mum gave him a hand but the door stayed shut. They finally gave up and went to have some tea and a biscuit. When I had made sure they were gone, I tried the door. I gave it an almighty push and it didn’t move. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to. But when I  pulled, it was an entirely different story. The door swung open as easily as a hot knife through butter. There was no light switch and it was pitch black in there. Still, I stepped through. I didn’t come out in a cupboard as I expected but out into an entirely different place. 

What do you think happens next?

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