Friday, 26 May 2017

Leadership at Selwyn House

At Selwyn House we have a leadership programme that allows all the Year 8 students to be involved in a leadership group.

The groups are:
  • House Leaders
  • Ambassadors
  • Sports Leaders
  • Language and Culture Leaders
  • Library Leaders
  • Communications Leaders
  • Music and Performing Arts Leaders
  • STEAM Leaders
Throughout the year we work on filling out our leadership handbooks and all the leadership groups plan their school-wide and community-wide events.

What are leadership handbooks?
They are books that we all got given at the start of the year filled with planning spaces, tables, charts, quotes, goals, spaces for pictures etc. Everything that is necessary for leadership.

What are community and school wide events?
Once a term, in our leadership groups we have to hold one school wide and one community wide event.     

Recent Happenings...
  • The House Leaders are in the middle of planning their next house session and organising their community event.

  • The Ambassadors planned a mufti day for Friday the 12th of May. We raised money for the Ronald McDonald house in the South Island.

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