Thursday, 3 August 2017

Ada Makes Thai Spring Rolls

For my Passion Project, I have made spring rolls. My goal is to teach people how to make spring rolls.

Who helped me?
My mother helped me by teaching me how to make spring rolls. My mother used a family recipe.
My guardian helped me make them because he has a Thai restaurant in Ashburton and he let me make them in the kitchen. Ms Dann and Mrs Cary helped me at school.

Things I’ve learnt.
  • How spring rolls are made and what we need for making them.
  • Spring rolls are hard to roll up.
  • I’m more confident making them.
  • To be more organised at everything.
  • I have improved my English communication.

Things that been difficult.
  • Making the imovie.
  • Writing the blog post and journal in English.

Things that have gone very well
  • My guardian has a Thai restaurant
  • My mother knows how to make spring rolls.

Anything that I have changed
First, I wanted to teach people how to make spring rolls. However, I changed to just learning how to make them because it is hard to teach people. But now I’ve decided to  change it back to teaching people because I want to challenge myself.

What is my next step?
Teach people how to make spring rolls.I will do this by having friends come to my house.

  • It was really cool to learn about how to make spring rolls. I will always remember how to make them. They tasted so good. -Gina


This is how to roll,Spring rolls.


  1. Yum! They look delicious Ada! I wish I could try some.

  2. Ada, you are amazing! You must feel so proud of yourself for writing this blogpost. Your English has really improved since you arrived in Term 1; I wish I could say the same for my Thai, Ada! ;) I need to learn some more sentences to say in Thai!

    You have done a great job of introducing us to your passion project. I would really like to learn how to roll spring rolls myself so I would love it if you ran a workshop for 8CS so we can all learn how to do it. Will you do this for us?

    By the way, they look absolutely delicious!

    Mrs C-M


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