Friday, 4 August 2017

Dance like no one's watching

Hi, I’m Yasmin and for my Passion Project I am teaching dance classes over at Ferndale!
Goal and purpose: The purpose of my project is to spark joy in the kids over at ferndale. It must be really hard for them so I wanted to do something over at ferndale that would make them happy! I also wanted to incorporate my passion for dance into my project so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share my love of dance with kids that may not have it.


  • Ask Ferndale permission to teach their kids
  • Organise lesson times with Shane (manager of performing arts)
  • Plan what I will do in each lesson - This backfired on me because I was hoping to have control over the class but it turned out that Shane had other plans for what I would do
  • Go to the lessons - Each wednesday from 1:30-2:30ish
  • Record what I learned in my Passion Project book

New Learning skills:

I have learned all about what happens at Ferndale because I have always been interested in Ferndale and I now know how the school works and I have had the opportunity to talk to some pretty cool people. I have also learned about how children like to be taught which is really helpful for me because I love teaching and choreographing dances and then teaching them to people and when I teach them it is important that the kids are having fun!


  1. Wow Yasmin! That sounds like so much fun! The Ferndale kids will have so much fun.

  2. Hi Yasmin,

    This project says a lot about the generous person you are. I love that you have chosen to work at Ferndale School with children who learn in very different ways. I know this has been very challenging for you and the lessons haven't always gone as you hoped they might but that is great learning. You are providing a lot of joy for the Ferndale Children and they are teaching you a lot too.

    What do you think your next steps are?

    Mrs C-M


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