Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Georgia's Water sports passion project!

Pass the handle!
What does that mean?
Teaching someone any kind of watersport. This is how it is referred to in America and some other parts of the world. Watersport means sport on water such as swimming, paddle boarding, biscuiting, water skiing, surfing etc.

What am I doing?
For my passion project I’m making tutorials for watersports. I wanted to do it because I've been doing watersports since I was five. I have taught one girl how to do boating water sports, but I think all people should have the privilege of being able to enjoy sport on the water. Since it is too cold to get a group and go to a lake I will be making movies. The movies will teach people how to do ‘behind boat’ water sports. This means sports like biscuiting and water skiing and kneeboarding.

Who is helping me?
My mother was my main helper because she is the expert of the family and taught me and my Dad how to do the skills we need for watersport. Mum is an expert because she is experienced, and a water safety award winner and a swim instructor.

What skills have I developed ?
  • Movie editing skills- making the illusion of time, and changing the brightness also speeding things up and detaching audio.
  • Organisation- Order and planning, making changes in plans!


  1. Fun! I've always wanted to do watersports, but I'm absolutely rubbish! I'm looking forwards to learning from your videos.

  2. Great example of using something that you love to do, such as water sports, to help educate others.

  3. Nice to see the passion for watersports and also the support from the family. Thanks for sharing.


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