Monday, 7 August 2017

Lets get Crafting!!!

My name is Polly and for my Passion Project I am doing a DIY/Craft youtube channel for teen children!
I have created a youtube channel that I will post DIY or Craft videos for people to watch. My videos will be affordable and easy to make.
Subscribe to my channel!

I have also created a blog where I can document what I have done and what my next steps are for my Passion Project.
Here is the link to my blog!

I decided to do this topic for my Passion Project because I love doing DIYs or crafts in my spare time and I am always trying to create some sort of DIY at home. I also love to watch people making these DIYs or Crafts on youtube.

My Goals are:

  • To have posted 5-6 videos by the end of this year
  • To have more than 60 subscribers
  • To have more than 50 views on one of my videos that I post

Some new skills I have learnt are:

  • How to edit videos on imovie
  • How to put green screens in imovies
  • How to film videos on a canon camera
  • How to write scripts for my videos
  • How to use a tripod
  • How to research new video ideas
  • How to stay organised with my work


  1. Hi Polly,

    I am really looking forward to seeing your first video. I like that you are surveying your target market to see what types of crafts they would be interested. I also like that your crafts will be affordable; sometimes I watch great videos but they require some really obscure, expensive ingredient. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Mrs C-M

  2. Hi Polly, this sounds so cool! I love watching DIY crafts too! I can't wait to see your videos, and I'll make sure to subscribe. I hope you have lots of fun making your videos!


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